Shenzhen Lightfe Lighting Co., Ltd.

Battery Common Sense

In the next few years, rechargeable batteries will occupy a larger market share, while disposable batteries will have a smaller market share. More and more rechargeable batteries will be needed for the popularization of notebook computers and multimedia devices, mobile lighting, searchlights and so on. And rechargeable batteries are developing in the direction of environmental protection, light and thin, low energy, higher density and so on.

The mobile lighting equipment of Shenzhen Laitaihui Lighting Co., Ltd. can use all rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or nickel-hydrogen batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have high energy density, no memory effect, high voltage, long cycle life, light weight, small self-discharge, no pollution, and are especially suitable for high-end industries.

M1, M3, MiNi 01, P35, U23, U25, UC45 and ZM26 produced by LIGHTFE are all lithium-ion batteries with good storage function and long service life. It greatly prolongs the service life of lamps and lanterns.